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Industry Comparison

Golden Mean of Shift Scheduling

EZShift is the golden mean between the low end and the high end: It is easy to implement like the low end, but also has the sophistication and refinement of the high end. And it is more user-friendly than both. Our automatic shift scheduling is the simplest to use, and at the same time the most effective.

Low End

They consist of very simple software that only works on Excel or simplified html.
They involve printing the shift schedule, which leads to drowning in paper work that is not up-to-date.
They almost never have a rule system. If they do have a rule system, it is very basic and does not reflect the specific needs of the company.

EZShift – The golden mean

EZShift consists of smart & simple software that is sophisticated, but easy to install, learn and use.
EZShift involves automatic shift scheduling that is and is available everywhere, at anytime.
EZShift has a rule system that reflects the specific needs of each company, immediately, eliminates any mistake and helps solving problems .

High End

They consist of very expensive corporate software that takes a long time to implement.
They involve a managerial system that is very complicated and difficult to learn.
They have a complicated model whereby automatic shift scheduling is only a small part of. Their focus is on management and payroll, not on shift scheduling.


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